Collection III Arabesque in Teal and Celadon

Continuing the Arabesque Collection with new colors, Teal and Celadon, some of the same designs, some newer designs and different elements. The interior designer in you might enjoy creating a new look for your living room with sofa upholstery in one design, chairs in another design, maybe a rug using one design in the complimenting color and don’t forget to add larger versions of the design as wall art. As always these design have many applications from paper to fashion…the sky , and your imagination, is the limit.
Have fun!

A close-up of a design in the Arabesque Collection in Teal

A few of the designs available in Teal

This collection had four distinct colored backgrounds with which to interchange design elements

A completely different color scheme using the teal elements and a new color magenta

Another completely different yet complimentary color is the orange version

Lastly a color called Lapis which is a surprisingly rich addition given the subtle background colors

And now for the softer version of Celadon which comes in both light and dark shades