Collection IV Sylvie’s Ocean

This collection started with a discussion of whether or not watercolor painting would transfer to fabric design.   Sylvie’s Ocean in Blue has become the all-time favorite design from Green Lotus Fabric Design to date.  As with all collections the Sylvie’s Ocean Collection offers many color schemes with matching elements in different colors, new elements and new variations, giving you the ability to create harmonious  designs for just about anything.   Imagine setting your table with a beautiful tablecloth and adding napkins  in solids pulled from the design.   Maybe you have plates and bowls in another color of the same design as well.   Or image going on a picnic with brightly colored paper plates and contrasting napkins and paper cups in another design from the same collection.   The sky, and your imagination, is the limit.   Have Fun!

The first part of the Sylvie’s Ocean Collection focuses on the original design in Red and Green. Here is a close-up of the art work and a border design

Departing from the original Reds and Greens are variations in Pale Turquoise and Faded Rose

Next we have quite an interesting color combination of Magenta and Brown in close-up

Add some Lime and Cream to the mix

Now we come to a great favorite in the Collection Sylvie’s Ocean in Blue with the original art work and the colors lavender and turquoise taken from the background