Fabric Design

There are well over 300 designs currently at Green Lotus Fabric Design. Since I am interested in keeping your interest and attention there is only a small fraction of the designs showing up here. If you are interested in seeing something specific, for example a collection of mermaid designs or all the older jellyfish designs or maybe something like ‘solids-that-aren’t-solid’, please contact me at info@greenlotusfabricdesign.com or call 707-579-2511 and I will be very happy to help you. Thank-you for your interest in my design work at Green Lotus Fabric Design.

Deco Mermaids in Celadon


Liquid Mind

Sylvie’s Ocean in blue

Lotus and Paisley

Blue Plates and Jellies in Purple

Filitsa’s Garden in Lime

Mermaids in Seaweed

Lion’s Mane Jellies

Flower Fans in Red

Hale-Zen’s Tulip Gate and Nautilus in Blue