Houseware and More

A shower curtain mock-up in the design Art Work in Orange from the Arabesque Collection in Teal

A shower curtain mock-up in the design Midnight Sea from the Arabesque Collection in Teal

A large piece of silk (crepe de chine) fabric on the wash line in the design Mermaids in Seaweed

A large Throw in the design Filitsa’s Garden in Shrimp made from Minky (a very soft polyester) at the Green Lotus Studio

a piece of polyester fabric in the design Hibiscis

These design possibilities are produced at the Roostery, which is a subdivision of Spoonflower. You will be able to create chairs, throw pillows, placemats. napkins, wallpapers and more. from any design in the Green Lotus Fabric Design portfolio (using the shop name greenlotus at

Roostery: allpaper, A slope armed chair and throw pillow, all in the design Red art work 1 from the Arabesque Collection in Red & Pink

Roostery: wallpaper, a throw pillow and place mats all in the design Stripe in Green from the Birthday Tulips Collection in Green

Roostery: a slope armed chair and wallpaper in the design from the Birthday Tulips Collection, the ‘solid-that-isn’t-soild Brown

Roostery: collection of cotton/linen tea towel designs: first the Sylvie’s Ocean Collection in blue

Next the design called Steve’s Lotus Pond

Tea towels in the design Lion’s Mane Jellies